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Celtic Knots & Divider Design Elements (free download)

Free Celtic Knots and Dividers

Here are some Celtic knots and Celtic style line dividers to use in your project. Click on the image below to download a ZIP archive including JPG and PNG files in low and high resolution. Have fun and craft away! Share it with your friends using the Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest Buttons above.

Get a Brush Library

If you need to create round or rectangle Celtic knot borders, we have some neat Celtic Knot Adobe Illustrator brushes, available for purchase in the shop ($5).

Installing a Brush Library

In Adobe Illustrator go to Window > Brush Libraries > Other Library and locate the desired brush library, then click Open.

In addition to your main Brushes Panel, you will now see a panel for the new library. Brushes you select and use from the new brush library panel will automatically appear in your main Brushes Panel. 

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