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DIY Jute Rope Storage

chalkboard labels DIY jute rope storage

My coffee machine pods come in metal cans that I've been saving for some cool DIY project. So today I thought I would find use for them as containers for the kids crayons, pencils, labels, kid scissors, etc. kids kraft tools. They turned out great, very useful, and they are not eye sore on the shelf.

I added some chalk labels and wrote "draw", "cut", glue" etc., with a chalk marker so we know which one which is.

Each can took about 10 minutes time from start to finish (or less), so the final product was definitely worth the time spent.

I didn't really spend any money on it as I already have everything but you can find glue gun and jute rope in any kraft store. I make the chalkboard labels and you can find those and various other shapes and sizes in the shop here.

It is really so quick and easy that it doesn't require any detailed explanation, however I did make a quick step-by-step in photos.

*Note: You don't need to use a lot of glue. Just some in the beginning then once in awhile along the wrapping around, and little in the end. Just as much as you feel necessary.
**Important:  It is pretty obvious but do not forget to start gluing the jute rope with the lid ON. Otherwise you won't be able to close it and will have to go back and remove the top portion! And, yes, I did that!DIY Jute Rope Containers

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